Large Format is an ongoing project utilizing artificial intelligence (diffusion) to create large prints of eerily photographic landscapes.


Stonks is a mock stock market data and news aggregation platform. It collects news articles that are relevent to the stock market and uses natural language processing to reveal the more humorous and rediculous truths hidden within a generally agreed upon as boring news category.


Electric Pit Bike is a Seventy-two volt, twenty amp electric drivetrain fitted to a small dirtbike (pitbike). Fourty-five to fifty-five mph max speed and comprised of less than $600 in parts.


Mosh is a series of intentionally "corrupted" videos


Entropy (35mm)


Blubber is a series of images textured with photographs made with a DSLR. Texture file created in photoshop. Modeling, simulation, and rendering in Blender


Heat is the interface for an ambient "intelligent" artificial system with a camera as its sensory "organ" and thermochromic ink as its means for communication. Those walking through the space are continuously analyzed for the purpose of building a model of the environment within the framework of its "brain." When viewing this piece, one is observing an observation of oneself—an infinite feedback loop of perception and cognition.


Loon is a trailer for a short film shot in 2011


Mood Map is an installation displaying concentrations of mania and anger as expressed in profane tweets across the city of montreal.

Made in Collaboration with Timothy Tomasson


Sensenet is an experiential installation employing electrical muscle stimulation devices, live audio streaming, and other technologies that place the participants into a completely foreign sensory environment - an altered umwelt.

Made in collaboration with Zahraa Chorghy, Matthew Halpenny, Naila Kuhlmann, and Matthew Salaciak.

Documentation shot by Cristian Zaelzer